2018 Early Childhood Technology Expo

PS 376 is excited to present our annual Early Childhood Technology Expo.  Every year our students in grades K - 2 showcase their culminating projects for the entire school community.  Students touch upon real-world careers, issues, and concerns as they work through driving questions using a project-based-learning approach.  Participants demonstrate mastery of content by delivering presentations using various applications such as Wixie, iMovie, Frames, Scratch, PowerPoint; TinkerCad, and more.   The entire school community is invited to learn from and cheer on our youngest members, and all classes have the opportunity to visit the STEAM Lab, the Environmental Design Lab, and the DreamIt Studio.  This year we are also excited to have a visit with Schmitty the Weather Dog and his humans, Elly McGuire and Ron Trotta.  

Early Childhood Technology Expo

Schmitty the Weather Dog

First League Lego Robotics Jr.

First League Lego Robotics Jr. is designed to introduce STEAM concepts in elementary school while exciting them through a brand they already know and love: Legos. Students are working hard to build models using Lego Education WeDo that respond to an identified problem with the water cycle process. Students will also create “Show Me” posters to present what they learned and showcase their learning at various expos. The program focuses on building interest in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) through a real-world challenge- to be solved by research, critical thinking, and imagination.

Mayor de Blasio Makes an Education Announcement


School Chancellor, Carmen Farina, visits our Expo

PS 376 Excels

PS 376 is considered one of New York City's best public elementary schools.  We were honored to be part of the newly released book by Clara Hemphill and Lydie Raschka entitled, New York City's Best Public Pre-K and Elementary Schools: A Parents' Guide, Fourth Edition.  We are proud to be the only school in District 32 to have earned this distinction, and we will continue to serve the PS 376 community with diligence, rigor, compassion and care.

Find the book here: New York City's Best Public Pre-K and Elementary Schools

What They're Saying

We are pleased to highlight some great new technologies to come in the 2016 - 2017 school year. Stay tuned for wearable robotics and Z-Space... Check out the trailer below:


As a collaborative school community at Public School 376, we are dedicated to providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment with high academic and civic expectations for all of our students.

We are committed to developing students’ unique talents and abilities.  By integrating standards-driven instruction with the arts and 21st century technology, we foster global and lifelong learning skills of thinking, communicating, reasoning, investigating and questioning.  Through Project-Based Learning students are actively challenged to apply their understanding in purposeful ways in order to reach their full potential as capable, creative citizens.


We envision all of our students developing into knowledgeable, goal-oriented, and productive global citizens on a pathway to college and career readiness.

Students are empowered to think, reason, investigate, communicate, and question through the integration of STEAM and 21st century technology.

By engaging in varied and rich experiential opportunities through problem/project-based learning, the school community furthers the talents and abilities of all learners.

Our innovative, enthusiastic, compassionate staff and supportive parents work together to provide a nurturing and secure learning community for all.

Statement on Accessibility

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